Case Study: How training helped Green Lighting increase its revenue by 360% over a four year period


As one of the first companies to recruit staff through the Apprenticeship programme when it was re-launched in 2011, Green Lighting has always seen the potential of apprentices. The organisation, which specialises in low energy lighting products, saw the benefit of a highly trained workforce but needed a cost-effective approach to achieve this. The company developed continuous professional development (CDP) plans for all staff and this has led to a high percentage of internal promotions across the organisation.

Green Lighting
Date 2016
Region Worcestershire
Size 15 employees
Sector Manufacturing

years of lighting solutions


fall in prices over a 4 year period

members of staff


increase in revenue over a 4 year period

Developing a multi-skilled approach

Part of the success of Green Lighting’s training programme is the flexibility it offers to employees. The organisation tailors CPD plans to expand employee’s skills, developing expertise that will benefit them in their existing roles and allowing them to diversify into another areas of the business based on individual’s longer-term career ambitions.


By gaining a bird’s-eye view of the business, staff have a better understanding of the roles within the company and the organisation as a whole. Employees realise that their futures are entwined with the company’s increasing success and profitability and this has led to a high level of promotion to managerial roles and an engaged and reliable workforce.

Green Lighting has seen building and developing its team of 15 as critical to its success. It has achieved this by combining the experience and expertise of senior managers with the enthusiasm of apprentices to ensure that the highest possible service is delivered to its customers.

‘My philosophy is that if you treat a person well, they will treat you well and I have the upmost confidence in the CPD programme that we operate. Its fluidity ensures that it is a working practice that evolves as we grow and develop, led by the needs of the team and the individual.’

Anthony Ottway, Managing Director and Owner

Award winning employee-centric approach

The organisation has won various prestigious awards with its employee-centric approach, including a West Midlands Regional Apprenticeship Award in 2015. Green Lighting is leading the curve in keeping pace with technology and is patenting a number of products. It has won the Queen’s Award for Innovation for its unique customer service charter offering unparalleled support for builders.

Green Lighting is a successful small business that has shown a 360% increase in revenue and profits over the last four years and equates these statistics to its strong focus on training and development. This is made more impressive considering that sales prices were reduced by 25% in 2015 due to a maturing market and stiff competition from competitors. Green Lighting’s flexible training programme and holistic approach of recognising, rewarding and appreciating its staff has enabled the company to create a culture where people are motivated to perform at their best for the business.

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