Have you already achieved the Princess Royal Training Award and want to revalidate the same training programme after 3+ years?

If so, you’re in the right place.

We are encouraging previous recipients to apply to have the same programme revalidated to show that your training continues to evolve and that it’s still meeting your strategic goals.

We’ll still need you to fill out an application form, but instead of telling us about the programme all over again, please tell us how you have built on the programme’s success in the years since you first applied for the Award.

Don’t forget these are evidence based Awards so please ensure you provide evidence to support your application in the same way as before, one evidence file per Hallmark.

Process for revalidation

The process for revalidation is the same as it is for a normal application. You can register your interest as usual, and when you receive your application form link there is a question about whether this is a revalidation or first-time application. After selecting ‘revalidation,’ you will be presented with some questions specifically about your previous application and what has happened since then. You will also get slightly different criteria in the Three Hallmarks which are tailored to revalidation. The assessment is the same for all applications including revalidation.

About your training programme: revalidation


Summary of your original application

  • Please provide a summary of your original application
  • You can copy the summary from this website’s recipients pages and paste the text into the form

up to 100 words

Please describe what has happened since you received a Princess Royal Training Award for this programme.

  • Include information about the strategic need and if this has changed or not, whether the design and delivery changed and provide an overview of the impact the programme has had since the award was first achieved

up to 400 words

Hallmark 1: Why?


Question 1: Why did you continue to choose training, learning and development to address a challenge or opportunity?

  • Why have you continued to use this training programme to address the challenge or opportunity?
  • What were the specific aims and objectives and have they changed?

10 marks | up to 250 words

Question 2: Tell us about your organisation's commitment to staff development.

  • Describe the strategic context for the programme and your organisation’s commitment to training, learning and development
  • The organisation promotes diversity, equity and inclusion, unlocking individual potential, actively encouraging training, learning & development and motivating employees to learn in an inclusive way. Has anything changed to make training more inclusive?

10 marks | up to 250 words

Hallmark 2: How?


Question 1: How was the programme designed and delivered?

  • Tell us how you have built on the design and delivery of the programme, highlight any changes you have made and provide the rationale for this
  • Explain anything distinctive, creative or innovative about the programme and the technology or resources used to deliver it since you achieved the award
  • Evidence is provided about the inclusive nature of your training programme, how you responded to the different needs of participants and anything that has changed to make it more inclusive since the award was achieved

15 marks | up to 300 words

Question 2: How did you evaluate the training, learning and development?

  • How you evaluated the programme and any improvements or changes you made as a result of evaluation since the award was last achieved (5 marks)
  • What were the financial and/or other input resources such as time since the award was last achieved? Have these continued to be cost effective in relation to the outcomes and how was this measured? (10 marks)

15 marks | up to 300 words

Hallmark 3: What?


Question 1: What impact did the programme have on the success of your organisation?

  • The programme was successful in achieving its aims and objectives and continues to make a measurable impact on improved organisational performance (15 marks)
  • How has the success of this programme influenced the organisation’s commitment to staff development since the award was last achieved? (5 marks)

20 marks | up to 350 words

Question 2: What impact did the programme have on the success of your people?

  • The programme continues to have a sustainable impact on your people and their performance in the organisation
  • How the training, learning & development impacted on the capabilities and skills of the individual participants since the award was last achieved.

20 marks | up to 350 words

Register your interest

Are you ready to revalidate your programme? Register now to be kept up to date with the latest information and to begin your application.

Application Support Resource

Want even more information about applying? See our Application Support Resource page for in-depth information and hints and tips.

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