Training response to Covid-19

We are asking members of the PRTA Alumni to share their best practice stories with us as to how they’ve used training effectively to respond to organisational challenges faced by Covid-19.

We want to acknowledge and share best practice from previous Award recipients who have used training differently or innovatively to continue delivering training, learning and development initiatives already taking place or to address new challenges brought about by the pandemic.

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Have you used training to respond to Covid-19?

We want to showcase how training, learning and development is being used to address a multitude of business challenges and at the same time acknowledge PRTA recipients who can show how they’ve used training positively or innovatively to continue to deliver organisational goals and increase impact during this challenging time.

The 2021 Commendation is open to all previous Award recipients from 2016 – 2020. The training, learning and development focus does not need to be the same programme or initiative that was used to apply for the Award previously.

We have created 5 short questions to find out more about your training response. Assessors will be looking particularly for ‘stand-out’ examples of how training, learning and development has positively impacted your organisation, employees or customers and how the outcomes of the training link back to the organisational challenge or perceived need for the training.

Share your experiences until 31 March 2021. 

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