Sparta Global: Helping employees feel included and psychologically safe

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Best practice story

There’s a big question mark over what training in a hybrid working culture should focus on. People want to feel better connected to colleagues and more flexibility in where they work from. To make training work for all, inclusivity will be key. 
But what is best practice training to help develop inclusivity today and for the future which is uncertain? 
What do you think is critical to develop inclusivity right now? Let’s learn from each other. 
I’m sharing Sparta Global’s story, one of the esteemed winners of the Princess Royal Training Awards 2021. 
The way people speak to each other is important to help employees feel included and psychologically safe. 
Sparta Global used an innovative approach to help employees across hiring, training, engagement and employment develop their use of inclusive language and keep on top of using it in a considerate, constructive and empowering way. 
The training benefitted diverse talent attraction. 
Led by Gaia Caruso, MSc, Patricija Nasirovaite and Purnima Sen, ED&I teamed up with Compliance to profile the use of inclusive language. 4,000 CRM entries were reviewed confidentially, to inform the design of a workshop exploring inclusive language in four prioritised areas: 

  • Accents and cultural backgrounds 
  • Personality traits 
  • Indirect assumptions 
  • Talent mobility 

They provided real examples of inclusive language used by employees in these areas, outlined practical guidelines to develop inclusive vocabularies and reflected on the examples to explore the impact of language choices on colleagues and the organisation. 

They also provided a safe space for learners to practice new behaviours. 

What were the results? 

  • 30% of the workforce is female, a +23 increase from 2019 to 2020, and 29% of female graduates were hired from non-technical degree courses 
  • 52% of employees are from an ethnic minority background 
  • 100% of learners were able to understand and develop guidelines and techniques for best language uses 
  • 100% of learners have practically used the lessons from the workshop in their day-to-day role 

Is language part of inclusivity training at your organisation? What does best practice inclusivity training look like now?


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Sparta Global: Helping employees feel included and psychologically safe

There’s a big question mark over what training in a hybrid working culture should focus on. People want to feel better connected to colleagues and more flexibility in where they work from. To make training work for all, inclusivity will be key.   But what is...

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