The Submission Process

The submission process for the Princess Royal Training Awards consists of a written application and a validation visit from an Assessor.
Once your written application has been submitted, our Assessors will shortlist organisations who will be selected to undertake an assessment visit.

The Submission Process In Detail

Princess Royal Training Awards Submissions Process

What does the written application involve?

The written application is made up of two sections:

  1. The first section is written by the applicant
  2. The second section is a short statement by the organisation’s senior management, supporting the application

The Three Hallmarks will be used to evaluate applications. These are a set of standards and criteria which applicants should use as guides in completing their application.

Achieving this award means the complete endorsement of what we thought we were doing right, of the materials we delivered, and of the fact that what we delivered made a difference.
Steven James

The Donkey Sanctuary

Written Application

You can apply online or download an application form. Applications are free of charge, and can be made by individuals from UK-based organisations of all sizes and from all sectors (public, private and not-for-profit).

Applications should demonstrate how the organisation’s learning and development initiative has resulted in a positive impact on the organisation. It needs to include:

  • How the organisation’s strategy for improvement is supported by its commitment to training/ learning and development
  • How the training programme is effectively managed to match the needs of individuals, and how it is cost effective
  • How the initiative has sustainably supported the growth of the organisation and its employees

Supporting statement

The supporting statement, or endorsement, needs to be completed by a member of the organisation’s senior management, such as a Chief Executive, Director or Senior Manager.

The statement should support the application by confirming that the initiative has contributed to the success of the business.

Assistance with your application

We offer one-to-one support to all applicants throughout the application process. Please contact us on 07710 096 000 if you require further support.

What does the validation visit involve?

If the written application is successful, an Assessor will visit the organisation to interview employees, management and learners about the training initiative and its success.

The validation visit is an informal chance for organisations to expand on the information from their applications.

The Three Hallmarks will be used to guide the Assessors’ evaluation.

We are delighted that Caring Homes has been recognised for this award. The assessment was extremely thorough and everyone involved should be very proud of the achievement. We truly have delivered on the criteria set for these awards and our residents are benefiting hugely from all the great work that has resulted from the training.
Liz Willis

Caring Homes Group

As the applicant, you will need to:

  • Host the visit, ensuring that learners, staff and senior management are available to speak to the Assessor
  • The validation visit will last between two and three hours
  • Give a short presentation about the training programme (up to 15 minutes)
  • Provide any supporting documents that were requested in advance of the visit

Your presentation should include:

  • What the training programme is
  • How the programme is run
  • Who is involved in the initiative
  • What its outcomes are
  • How it contributes to your organisation’s business success

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can enter the awards?
  • The awards are open to all organisations in the UK regardless of size and sector
  • More than one application may be submitted for an organisation if it has introduced multiple training initiatives
  • Each training initiative must have resulted in different benefits for the business
What guidance and feedback can be expected?
Applicants receive guidance and feedback at all stages of the submission process:

  • Webinars are held when applications are open. You can also see past webinars here.
  • A dedicated team can help at all stages of your application on 077 1009 6000
  • Guidance on how to prepare for validation visits will be provided for shortlisted organisations
How are applications assessed?
  • Applications will be reviewed at all stages of the submission process by a team of independent Assessors, led by a Chief Assessor
  • The Assessors have a wide range of experience in training and skills development across all sectors
  • Assessors will independently review each written application
  • Successful applications will move on to the next step – the validation visit
  • Following the validation visit, the Assessor will complete a written report, based upon the visit and the written application
  • The Princess Royal Training Awards Commission (an independent assessment board) use the Chief Assessor’s report to make the final decision
What are the Hallmarks?
Applications should show how the organisation’s training initiative fulfils three major standards of excellence – the Hallmarks.

  • Hallmark 1 Training/learning and development are integral to business performance
  • Hallmark 2 The programme is delivered efficiently and effectively
  • Hallmark 3 The programme has an impact on the success of the organisation and its people

Full details can be found on the Hallmarks page.

Register your interest / apply

Applications are currently open. You can register your interest / begin your application now.

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