2021 Application Support Resource

Welcome to the online application support resource. We have created this page to provide as much information, help and support as possible as you work your way through the application form.

However if you have a question that’s not covered, we are only a call, email or web chat away so please get in touch!


Beginning your application

Submitting evidence

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning your application

Registering your interest

In order to fill in an application form, you need to register your interest to receive a link to the application form. This link will be emailed to you when you register (or once applications open if you registered before 04 Jan 2021).

This link is unique to you and will be used throughout your application until you submit it. This way you can save your work and not have to worry about losing your link. If you need a link reminder, let us know and we can send you one.

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What’s new this year?

Application form sections

We understand that this form takes time to fill in and you may not have everything to hand at this moment. That is why we have split the form into sections to make it easier to navigate and pick up where you left off. If you return to the form using the unique link you can more easily go straight to the last section you were working on.

Collaborating on a section

We know that many of you are working remotely at the moment, so we’ve added a feature so that you can invite colleagues to help with filling in sections of the application. By entering their email next to the section on the first page of the form, you can send the relevant sections to the right people for their input.

Application support resource

This resource is meant to be used alongside the application form. We have linked through from the application form at various places in case you need assistance or more information on a particular question. Please note that these links will always open in a new tab or window – be careful not to close your application form without saving your work.


Returning to your application form

The link that you used to access the application form is unique to you and will be used throughout your application until you submit it. This way you can save your work and not have to worry about losing your link. If you need a reminder, let us know.

Applying for more than one programme

If you have more than one programme you’d like to apply for, let us know so we can provide you with another unique link. If you try to register again with the same details you will get the same link again so we will need to give you another unique link for the second programme.

Gateway 97.8, Princess Royal Training Awards 2020 recipients

About you and your organisation

About you

Please provide information about the lead applicant filling in the application form including your work address, email and phone number. Please note we will use the information you supply to contact you about your application, and if your application is successful we will invite you to Alumni events throughout the year. You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

The Awards are open to any private, public or not-for-profit organisation operating in the UK regardless of size or sector.

You need to be able to prove that your outstanding training and skills development programmes have resulted in exceptional commercial benefits for the business.

You should also be able to evidence how training and developing your staff and / or volunteers has had a positive impact.

Sharing in Growth

About your organisation

Please provide information about your organisation and the programme you are applying for. The type of things we ask you for are:

  • Type of organisation
  • Sector
  • Number of employees
  • Title of your training/learning and development programme
  • Location of the training
  • Number of people who have undertaken the training
  • Function/department where the training took place
  • Who delivered the training
  • Timescales of the programme

Description of your business and its purpose and vision

You have 200 words to describe your business, what it does and its vision. This provides us with some great context before we ask you about your training, learning and development programme in further detail.

Tell us about what you have done differently with your training, learning and development this year in response to the impact of Covid-19.

Whilst this is an optional question, we’d love to hear about anything you’ve changed or done differently and/or innovatively with your training due to the impact of Covid-19.

The Hallmarks


Hallmark 1

Training/learning and development is integral to your organisation.

Hallmark 2

The programme is designed and delivered efficiently and effectively.

Hallmark 3

The programme has an impact on the success of the organisation and its people.

The main section of the application form is divided into 3 Hallmarks, which each contain two questions for you to complete. You are asked to frame your application and supporting evidence around these sections. For each question we include the criteria and number of marks that the Assessors will be marking your application against so make sure that your answers include reference to each of the criterion provided.

NB – the 6 questions in this section along with the evidence you provide to support your answers is the main focus of the application and where the majority of the assessment is undertaken. Please consider the criterion against each question carefully to ensure you’ve included reference to each. If you are unsure whether something is relevant to include or want to talk anything through we are happy to help.

Hallmark 1: Why?


Question 1: Why you chose training, learning and development to address a challenge or opportunity.


You identified that training, learning & development would address your organisation’s challenge or opportunity and this supports the organisation’s strategy for improvement.

(5 marks)


The aims and objectives of this programme are provided and show how they link back to the organisational need.

(5 marks)

For this question, you are allowed a maximum of 300 words.

Don’t forgot to tell us what the challenge or opportunity was in your organisation that you needed to address through the training.

Question 2: Tell us about the role training, learning and development play in your organisation.


Your organisation has a clear commitment to training, learning & development and this is supported at all levels of management.

(5 marks)


The organisation creates equal opportunities for unlocking individual potential, actively encourages training, learning & development and motivates employees to learn.

(5 marks)


Employees clearly understand the importance of training, learning & development and how their training contributes to the success of the organisation.

(5 marks)

For this question, you are allowed a maximum of 300 words.

Supporting evidence for Hallmark 1

Please upload evidence file(s) to support Hallmark 1.

Examples of supporting evidence for this Hallmark could include some of the following:

  • Concise extracts from business plans
  • Training/learning and development strategy papers
  • Performance figures showing: turnover, sales, service levels, engagement surveys; statistics which show a business justification for the training
  • Summary data showing numbers of trainees, qualifications completed, outcomes achieved
  • Equality and diversity policies and other examples of how specific learning styles and needs have been addressed allowing the training to be as inclusive as possible
  • Assessment or inspections by external bodies
  • Relevant accreditations
  • Abbreviated examples of individual training/learning plans.

NB: All information provided to support the application is kept confidential.

For more information on preparing evidence files for upload, please see Submitting evidence.

Hallmark 2: How?


Question 1: How the programme was designed and delivered.


How you designed and delivered the training, learning and development programme.

(5 marks)


Explain anything distinctive, creative or innovative about the programme and the technology or resources used to deliver it.

(5 marks)


Evidence is provided about the inclusive nature of your training programme, how you responded to the needs of participants and how you measured success.

(5 marks)

For this question, you are allowed a maximum of 300 words.

Question 2: How you evaluated the training, learning and development.


The financial and/or other input resources (eg time) are considered to be cost effective in relation to the outcomes and how this was measured.

(10 marks)


How you evaluated the programme and any improvements or changes you made as a result of evaluation.

(5 marks)

Whilst some organisations can show a financial return on investment in relation to the training, learning or development, many other organisations don’t have the data to provide this. You need to be able to show how you are measuring the training including any input resources you can provide such as time spent, costs etc against the training outcomes.

Then you can go on to explain how you are evaluating the programme and any changes you’ve made because of what you’ve learnt from that evaluation.

For this question, you are allowed a maximum of 300 words.

Supporting evidence for Hallmark 2

Please upload evidence file(s) to support Hallmark 2.

Examples of supporting evidence for this Hallmark could include some of the following:

  • Facts and figures showing what happened and to whom (presented as tables or graphs), summaries of programme content, snapshots of individual training plans
  • Examples of material adapted or designed for specific audiences
  • Examples of particularly innovative activities that have enhances the learning such as role plays, blended learning, gamification etc
  • Extracts explaining the rationale for the learning methodology chosen in order to meet the organisational need
  • Financial or other performance-related information to show how resources have been used efficiently and effectively (cost of materials, training staff, any funding received etc)
  • Learning success rates, evaluation processes and outcomes and details of any measures for improvement.

NB: All information provided to support the application is kept confidential.

For more information on preparing evidence files for upload, please see Submitting evidence.

Hallmark 3 


Question 1: What impact the programme had on the success of your organisation.


The programme was successful in achieving its aims and objectives and has made a measurable impact on improved organisational performance.

(10 marks)


The programme has a sustainable impact on your people and their performance in the organisation.

(5 marks)

Has your Learning and Development strategy developed as a result of the training? If it has, tell us about it in this section.

For this question, you are allowed a maximum of 300 words.

Question 2: What impact the programme had on the success of your people.


How the training, learning & development impacted on the capabilities and skills of the individual participants.

(10 marks)


Participants are involved in taking ownership of their learning and development needs.

(10 marks)

A great way to bring your application to life is by including quotes, testimonials and real examples from trainees in your supporting evidence.

For this question, you are allowed a maximum of 300 words.

Supporting evidence for Hallmark 3

Please upload evidence file(s) to support Hallmark 3.

Examples of supporting evidence for this Hallmark could include some of the following:

  • Data demonstrating improved organisational performance which can be linked directly back to the learning initiative, such as sales and profitability, improved market share, employee retention/attraction, improved products or services, reduced complaints
  • Survey summary data demonstrating customer satisfaction and loyalty, increased brand awareness or reputation
  • Data demonstrating improved employee engagement and performance which is directly linked to the training programme
  • Testimonials from managers to illustrate improved performance
  • Appraisals/performance management data which records levels of performance
  • Testimonials illustrating how training has met individual needs, what has been learnt and how it has been applied
  • Examples of how participants are actively managing their own learning
  • Snapshots/summaries of evaluation feedback forms.

NB: All information provided to support the application is kept confidential.

For more information on preparing evidence files for upload, please see Submitting evidence.

Sharing Best Practice

What aspects of your programme could other organisations learn from or replicate?

Assessors want to know how other organisations could benefit from the approach taken to the design, development, and implementation of your programme.

Don’t forget to include any additional or unexpected benefits you identified as a result of the programme.

For this question, you are allowed a maximum of 200 words.


Why are you supporting this initiative and how does it fit into the strategic vision of your organisation?

Applicants are asked to provide a statement from senior management supporting the application and confirming the benefits of the initiative to the success of the organisation.

Please note: you can send this section to your senior manager to complete or they can send you a statement for you to put into the form.

For this question, you are allowed a maximum of 100 words.

Submitting evidence

You can upload one document up to 2MB in size and 500 words for each of the three Hallmarks.

We know that the word count for answering the questions in the application form is challenging. That’s why you have the option of including additional supporting evidence to support each of the three Hallmarks and we strongly recommend you do so.

Within each of the Hallmark sections in this Application Support Resource we have provided examples of documents that you may want to provide as supporting evidence if they support and add further clarity to your responses.

Please cut and paste only the relevant snippets or sections of documents. We recommend that you copy and paste all of your supporting evidence per Hallmark into one document i.e. Word or PDF and clearly label each section. Even better, if you can reference in your response where the supporting evidence provided further supports a point made.

  • Refer to the Application Support Resource as you complete your application as it contains important information about the criteria and examples of supporting evidence.
  • Provide supporting organisational metrics such as charts, graphs and histograms.
  • Include statistics, quantifiable and comparative data.
  • Use only the relevant sections of a document that best support your point rather than full versions of documents.

Make reference to everything that you want to include. If something isn’t mentioned in your application, Assessors cannot take it into account during the next stage of the application process should you proceed to this stage.

  • Don’t attach more than 3 documents of more than 2MB and 500 words each.

  • Don’t include external links, pictures and/ or videos in your application. Whilst you can reference a video or include a screenshot in your evidence so that this can be discussed in further detail should your application progress to the next stage of the process, Assessors can’t click on external links included in your application.

Please note: All information is treated as strictly confidential and will not be shared outside the assessment team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter the Princess Royal Training Awards?

The Awards are open to all organisations in the UK regardless of size or sector. We welcome applications from private, public and not-for-profit organisations who have created outstanding training and skills development programmes. You need to be able to evidence how the training, learning and development had had a positive impact back on your organisation and your people.

We also encourage applications from organisations which provide exceptional learning and development, while not necessarily following the conventional employer/employee contractual relationships. This includes organisations which provide training for specific groups of individuals with whom they have a definitive contractual business relationship e.g. franchise holders, who are the beneficiaries of the training.

The Awards are delivered by the City & Guilds Group – does this mean I have to be associated with them to apply?

You don’t need to work with any of the City & Guilds Group organisations to be able to apply for the Awards. We welcome applications from all organisations in the UK.

Is there a cost for entering the Awards?

No, the Awards are free to enter. There is no cost implication at any stage of the Award process. If you achieve an Award, the Celebration event is also free to attend.

What is the equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) commendation?

We offer an additional commendation to employers who have demonstrated a significant commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Specifically, how they are providing equal opportunities to unlock an individual’s potential. Special recognition will be given to organisations demonstrating their commitment to EDI through their application and the supporting evidence provided.

When do I need to submit my application?

We recommend submitting your application as soon as you have confidently completed all sections. The deadline for submitting your application is midnight on Wednesday 31 March 2021.

How do I submit my application?

Once you have completed all of the sections of the online application form and uploaded your evidence you will be able to submit it.

If I submit my application and I need to amend something, can I resubmit my application?

Unfortunately, once you have submitted your application, you will not be able to make any further changes to your entry.

Can I submit a draft application?

New this year after a successful pilot, we are offering applicants the chance to submit a draft version of their application for some initial feedback from Assessors. If you complete Hallmarks 1-3 and opt-in to this option by Monday 1 March 2021 an Assessor will respond with some initial feedback. In order to provide feedback we will need draft answers for the three Hallmark sections. You can then take on board the feedback before submitting your final application by Wednesday 31 March 2021.

You don’t need to worry about supporting evidence when submitting a draft of your application – save this for submitting with your final application. However if you do want to send us a list of what evidence you plan to provide with your final application, the Assessor can have a look at this to make sure you are on the right .

My evidence file for a Hallmark is larger than 2MB

Please cut it down. Try to mention the evidence in your answer. You can also try compressing image files. Try not to worry – if you go through to the next stage and receive a Virtual Visit, you will be able to share any additional evidence with the Assessor Team as long as you have made reference to it in your application form or supporting evidence.

What happens after I submit my application?

After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact us. Each application is allocated to an Assessor who will determine how well it meets the Hallmarks’ criteria. The Assessor will write a report which will be reviewed by the Chief Assessor to ensure consistency as part of the quality assurance process.

If you are shortlisted as a potentially successful applicant, you will be contacted to arrange a Virtual Visit from the Assessor Team which will take place in May or June. If you are not shortlisted, you will receive detailed feedback on your application.

Following the Virtual Visit, a final report with recommendations will be presented to HRH The Princess Royal who will confirm the Awards.

What support is available to applicants?

If you have any issues or would like to discuss your application, we are here to help! Ask your questions by web chat on our website, by email at help@princessroyaltrainingawards.com or call us on 07710 096 000 (Monday–Friday 09.00–17.00).

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