Have you already achieved the Princess Royal Training Award and want to revalidate the same training programme after 3+ years?

If so, you’re in the right place.

This year we are encouraging previous recipients to apply to have the same programme revalidated. We’ll still need you to fill out an application form, but instead of telling us about the programme all over again, please tell us how you have built on the programme’s success in the years since you first applied for the Award.

The Assessor Team will have your original application form to hand, so here are some hints and tips about what the include on the 2022 application form. Don’t forget these are evidence based Awards so please ensure you provide evidence to support your application in the same way as before.

Interested in revalidation?

If you are thinking of applying for revalidation, please get in touch so we can advise you about the process and send you the submission from the original application.

Hallmark 1: Why?


Question 1: Why did you choose training, learning and development to address a challenge or opportunity?

  • Has the original challenge or opportunity changed?
  • Why have you continued to use this programme to address the challenge or opportunity?

Question 2: Where does this programme sit in your organisational strategy?

  • Describe the strategic context for the programme.
  • Describe your organisation’s commitment to training, learning and development.

Hallmark 2: How?


Question 1: How was the programme designed and delivered?

  • Tell us how you have built on the design and delivery of the programme, highlight any changes you have made and provide the rationale for this.

Question 2: How did you evaluate the training, learning and development?

  • Update the information about the financial resources you have committed to the programme and how you have improved your evaluation of it.

Hallmark 3: What?


Question 1: What impact did the programme have on the success of your organisation?

Update the data on the impact on your organisation.

Question 2: What impact did the programme have on the success of your people?

Update the data on the impact on your people and what they are doing differently as a result.

Register your interest

Are you ready to revalidate your programme? Register now to be kept up to date with the latest information and to begin your application.

Application Support Resource

Want more information about applying? See our Application Support Resource page for in-depth information and hints and tips.

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