The Hallmarks

The Hallmarks are the standards and criteria which are used to evaluate applications for the Awards. They ensure the same standards are used to evaluate all entries.

They also provide a guide for applicants when completing their application forms and for the virtual Assessor visit, as applicants will need to demonstrate evidence of how each of these Hallmarks has been met.

The First Hallmark: Why?

Why did you choose training, learning and development to address a challenge or opportunity?

  • What was the challenge or opportunity you were seeking to address?
  • Why did you choose to address it through staff development?
  • What were the specific aims and objectives and what would success look like?

Don’t forgot to tell us what the challenge or opportunity was that you needed to address.

Tell us about your organisation's commitment to staff development

  • Your organisation demonstrates a clear commitment to staff development which has the support of all levels of management
  • The organisation promotes inclusion and diversity by providing opportunities for unlocking individual potential, actively encourages training, learning & development and motivates employees to learn in an inclusive way

This question is asking about your organisation’s overall commitment to staff development, not just the programme you are describing in the rest of the application.

The Princess Royal Training Awards stands out because it’s not a competition. Each entry is judged on its own merit and so as long as your award entry matches the criteria then you’ll get to have a fair assessment.

The Master Innholders

2021 Recipient

The Second Hallmark: How?

How was the programme designed and delivered?

  • How you designed and delivered the training, learning & development programme
  • Explain anything distinctive, creative or innovative about the programme and the technology or resources used to deliver it
  • Evidence is provided about the inclusive nature of your training programme and how you responded to the different needs of participants

How did you evaluate the training, learning and development?

  • How you evaluated the programme and any improvements or changes you made as a result of evaluation
  • What were the financial and/or other input resources such as time? Were these cost effective in relation to the outcomes and how was this measured?

If you are able to provide a calculation of Return on Investment (ROI), make sure to include it and share how you calculated it in the evidence file.

The continuity of the staff involved really makes a difference, it is more like conversing with friends rather than a separate organisation. Communication has always been first class and any issues i.e. fault with application process at the eleventh hour were dealt with and confirmation received promptly.

The Donkey Sanctuary

2016, 2018 and 2022 Recipient

The Third Hallmark: What?

What impact did the programme have on the success of your organisation?

  • The programme was successful in achieving its aims and objectives and has made a measurable impact on improved organisational performance
  • How has the success of this programme influenced the organisation’s commitment to staff development?

Has your Learning & Development strategy developed as a result of this? If it has, tell us about it.

What impact did the programme have on the success of your people?

  • The programme has a sustainable impact on your people and their performance in the organisation
  • How the training, learning & development impacted on the capabilities and skills of the individual participants

Make sure you include the learner’s voice or short case studies in the evidence file.

Want more information?

See the Application Support Resource for more information about the Hallmarks and to see exactly what we are looking for in the application form.

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