Equality, diversity and inclusion

We offer an additional commendation for employers who receive an Award and have demonstrated a significant commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), specifically how they are providing equal opportunities for unlocking individual potential.

Special recognition will be given to organisations demonstrating their commitment to EDI and this will be assessed through their application and submission of supporting evidence.

What do we mean by equality, diversity and inclusion?


Making sure that all individuals or groups of individuals are treated fairly and equally, so that everyone has the same opportunity to participate and fulfil their potential.


Recognising, respecting and valuing the differences between people, both in the workplace, and in wider society.


Including and supporting disadvantaged people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, so they feel respected, valued and supported.

Why are equality, diversity and inclusion important to the Princess Royal Training Awards?

At the City & Guilds Group, we believe that everyone should have an opportunity to grow within their workplace and contribute to business success.

A more diverse and inclusive workforce can also boost business. Research from McKinsey & Company showed that ethnically diverse companies are likely to financially outperform non-diverse companies by 35%. Gender diverse companies also outperform less diverse companies by 15%.

East of England Co-op

East of England Co-operative Case Study

Dementia-friendly training helped make East of England Co-operative retailer of choice in the region.

How can I achieve a special commendation for equality, diversity and inclusion?

Any organisation who achieves the Princess Royal Training Awards standard can be considered for a special commendation as long as you have the evidence to show how your training is as accessible to all your people as possible and how you are making your people feel valued and included.

Assessors will be looking for exemplars of best practice in this field as demonstrated in Hallmark 2, Part 1 where applicants need to demonstrate that appropriate consideration has been given to equality, diversity and inclusion in the planning and delivery of their training programme, as well as how the programme is evaluated to verify it has reached all target groups. The Princess Royal Training Awards Commission will make the final decision as to who can receive a special commendation.

How to apply

Learn more about the application process and the steps to take to put together a great submission.

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