Covid-19: Supporting our communities The Covid-19 crisis is presenting huge challenges for everyone as we respond and adapt to an uncertain and ever-changing landscape. And yet our purpose stands truer than ever; to help individuals, organisations and economies build skills for growth. The City & Guilds Foundation continues to provide vital support to all our communities, through sharing knowledge and insight, grant making and bringing people together to share best practice. Find out more.

The Princess Royal Training Awards – designed to honour outstanding and innovative training and skills development programmes from UK employers – are now open for applications, until 31st March 2020.


Created by the City & Guilds Group, the Awards are a unique opportunity for UK businesses to showcase their approach to learning and development and its impact on performance. Last year saw 44 organisations commended, with past winners including BAE Systems, RBS, The Clink Charity, and Dermalogica.

Now in their fifth year, the Princess Royal Training Awards are free to enter for organisations of all sizes, across any sector or industry. Focused specifically on outcomes, successful applicants demonstrate unequivocally where programmes have had a significant impact on business and financial performance; the role of inclusivity, diversity and equality in learning; and that training is designed with clear goals and robust evaluation processes.


Princess Royal Training Awards winners report substantial benefits from entering the awards, including securing further investment into training programmes, improving recruitment, and establishing learning and development at the centre of organisational strategy.

Sally Eley, Director of the City & Guilds Foundation, commented, “We are delighted to be in the fifth year of the Princess Royal Training Awards and have the opportunity to celebrate organisations so strongly committed to future-proofing their talent.

In the face of socioeconomic uncertainty and rapid technological advances transforming the workforce, it is critical that businesses focus on upskilling and supporting their people as they navigate relentless change.

Princess Royal Training Awards recipients demonstrate the myriad of ways in which businesses can build and evolve an effective workforce. By recognising the impact excellent HR and L&D training programmes can have, on individuals, businesses, and society as a whole, we want to inspire employers everywhere to share best practice and ideas that put skills development at the top of the agenda for organisations everywhere.”

Skills advocacy

Encouraging businesses to put skills development at the top of their agenda is part of the reason behind the Princess Royal Training Awards (PRTAs). As employers become increasingly accountable for building and evolving an effective workforce, we wanted to create a prestigious award that would recognise the impact organisations that invest in genuinely impactful staff training are having – not only on their own businesses, but on society as a whole.


Successful applicants for the Princess Royal Training Awards recognition will be announced in August 2020, ahead of a prestigious ceremony in the autumn. In previous years, the awards ceremony has taken place at St James’s Palace, hosted by HRH The Princess Royal. Details for this year’s ceremony will be confirmed nearer the time.

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