Assessors' Top Tips

1. Plan before beginning your application, too much rather than too little. This means thinking of your application as a communication opportunity which allows you to share your passion about your organisation’s achievements. Identify the evidence needed to demonstrate and support these successes for the Assessors and Commissioners.

2. Make sure that your entry provides evidence against ALL of the criteria for the award.

3. Remember to include what impact the learning has had on the people in your organisation as well as on the organisation itself. What are they doing differently as a result of the training?

4. Tell your story clearly in plain English.  Make sure the ‘before’ and the ‘after’ are clearly set out, tell us what the training enabled people to do that they could not do before, and how this then benefited the organisation.

5. Remember to focus on how your training/learning programme has improved performance by providing the starting point before the training was commenced as well as evidencing the impacts and benefits.

6. Read the rules carefully and answer the questions that are actually being asked not the ones you think are being asked.  Training should have a purpose - be sure to place it in context and show the benefits that were gained.

7. Tell a story – with solid evidence to back it up - about how your training has resulted in people doing things differently and how this has led to business success.

If  you follow these tips you are well on the way to award winning recognition…